Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our Halloween events started the week before October 31st. After a lasagna dinner,
everyone got to work...

Lauren brought supplies to decorate sugar cookies and make candy.

Jill's craft was water bottle pumpkins

Papa took everyone outside to light firecrackers before they went home. No holiday visit would be complete without some gun powder.

On Halloween night, everyone met up to trick or treat together. After a bowl of chili, they set out on their candy search.

Katniss, Werewolf and Iron Man

Princess Sofia

We didn't have many trick-or-treaters this year but everyone had a good time and didn't get too scared. I stayed home giving out candy and watched horror movies- my fav.

See you next year!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tavern Ghost Walk

Jill, Lauren,Devan and I went to Colonial Williamsburg for a Ghost Walk on Saturday night. We met at Shields Tavern for an evening of spooky stories and good times. We didn't see any spirits but our cameras malfunctioned and we were not able to get pictures of all we wanted. I think this will be an annual event and can't wait till next year.

Always tell Irma goodnight or she will trip you when you walk by Kings Arms Tavern

Shield's Tavern
Mr. Merlot is still checking on his patrons.
Site of two Civil War figures during a security patrol. They disappeared into this ravine.

Jones Cemetery
A dark shadowed figure was seen in the far right corner.

Bruton Parish Cemetery

Bruton Parish Cemetery

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crabbing with Papa and Uncle Ben

Papa and Uncle Ben took the boys crabbing on a Sunday morning.
Dalton with his catch of the day.

While they were unloading the boat, Mr. Crook called them over and gave them the turtle he had in his yard.
Poor turtle. He had a hard life for a few hours.

Dalton giving the turtle a ride in his "pickup truck"

Bubba wanted to take the turtle home and keep it in his Mom's kitchen but we convinced him it was better to let it go back to the woods to live. When they released him, I think that was the fastest I have ever seen a turtle move.

Fall Weekend

I picked up the grandkids after work on Friday to spend the night. One of their favorite activities is to call for coyotes and Sasquatch in the woods behind the house. Their other favorite activities is to eat chicken wings.

Our bone pile after 2 dozen wings.

Terry and Bubba were going hunting Saturday morning so they spent the afternoon making plans and getting their hunting gear together. Devan, Dalton and I planned our Saturday around a Walmart trip to make Halloween bark.

Before bed, Dalton and I took a walk around the neighborhood listening to the night sounds and still searching for Bigfoot.

We made our trip to Walmart and also picked up a fall decoration for Drew.

Halloween bark compliments of Devan and Dalton.

Dalton was so exited when he printed this out on the computer by himself. He said if he had a dinosauer for a pet he would hug it.

Cousin Addison came over after lunch and everyone played together for a couple hours. They rode bikes, took turns in the wagon and just had a great afternoon. 

Everyone went home with Frosty coupons and some glow in the dark accessories for Halloween.